Supplies for pine cone Christmas tree

Pine cone Christmas tree craft for kids

At our house we love arts and crafts. We also love Christmastime. This past month has been full of fun and exciting activities, but this pine cone Christmas tree  has been one of my favorites. Our kiddos wanted a Christmas tree in their rooms and I remembered doing something like this when I was a kid. I thought we might as well give it a try. All of the supplies came from a craft store and I was able to get more than I needed for under $20. I am a strong believer in fairy lights, so we added those because what’s a Christmas tree without lights? Now the Christmas tree doubles as a night light, mom win! It was fun and I love how the Christmas trees turned out. Here’s how we did it.

What you’ll need:

Supplies for pine cone Christmas tree

Step 1: PaintPainted pine cone

The first thing you need to do is paint your pine cone green. This may take a while for your little one and you may need to help a little depending on age. Paint the outside and between each “wing” on the pine cone. Imperfections make it beautiful and unique, so let your little one do as much as they can. While this dries, paint the wood circles for the base and the star in the color of your choice. Sprinkle glitter as desired. Our daughter wanted glitter on everything, our son did not want any. Make sure to sprinkle the glitter before the paint dries. My daughter used glitter on her pine cone and her star topper and I love how it turned out!

Step 2: Glue

Once everything has dried, it’s time to warm up that glue gun. Make sure to tell your kiddos the the glue gun will be very hot. Set rules for them to follow during this time and make sure to be super safe. I use the same rules for this as I do when cooking with my kiddos.

Finished Christmas treeI glued the pine cone to the wood circle as a base. Most pine cones will not lay flat, so you may have to work with it a little here. Just glue how ever you need to to get your tree to stand straight. After the base is attached, it will stand up on it’s own to make “ornament” decorating a breeze. I let my kiddos pick which color pom-pom they wanted and made sure they were ready to “hang” their ornament. They would point to where they want the pom-pom to go and I put a small amount of glue on the bottom of that wing. They would then attach the pom-pom to the wing and never came close to the glue gun. It worked great. Lastly, attach the topper. We used stars and I used the glue to attach, but later discovered that it would sit on top without any glue.

Step 3: Light

Lights were a must for us. I used warm white with a lighted length of 6 feet.  You could go a little shorter, but this length also worked. You can also buy fairy lights in multi-color if you prefer that over the white lights. Not only did it put the finishing touch on our tiny Christmas tree, it also doubles as a night light! My kids absolutely love having a Christmas tree in their rooms.

It’s your turn to make a pine cone Christmas tree!

Making our small Christmas trees from pine cones together has been my favorite Christmas craft this year. I would love for you to make some of your own and share pictures with me! If you are interested in another DIY Christmas project, check out my post on Christmas garland on a budget. Merry Christmas!

Finished pine cone Christmas tree


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