Elf on the Shelf grand arrival idea

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I am sure you have heard about Elf on the Shelf, especially if you have little ones. Our elf first arrived after Thanksgiving 2015, a gift from my wonderful grandmother. Travis was in charge of naming our elf and he picked Ziggy. Ziggy’s arrival comes every year after Thanksgiving and we use his arrival to start off the Christmas season with picking out our Christmas tree. Last year, I decided I wanted Ziggy to leave a cute little note for the kids. There are tons online that you can buy, but I decided to write one myself. So, I put my thinking cap on and did the best I could to write like an elf. Here is the letter that I came up with:

                                    Dear (child’s name),

Thanksgiving is over and Christmas is almost here,

so Santa has sent me to y’all to bring holiday cheer!

X marks the spot, look and you will see.

Your first request from Santa is to pick our your Christmas Tree!


                                                                    (Elf’s Name)

I drew a Christmas tree for added effect and the kids love it. It’s a short and sweet way to tie Santa and the Elf together, all while getting them excited to pick out a Christmas tree. I leave the crayon box out and will have some scattered in the floor and surprisingly the kids clean up Ziggy’s mess with smiles on their faces. I then send them on a hunt to find the “X” because that is where our Christmas tree will go. This is so simple- I just use painters tape in any color (electrical tape will work too) and just make an “X” on the floor where I, I mean, where Ziggy wants the Christmas tree to go.

I love our elf and all of the fun he brings to the holiday season. If you don’t have an elf, I highly suggest getting one for your children. They will love it and you will have a blast being creative and finding way to keep your kiddos excited during the long month between Thanksgiving and Christmas. There are so many cute ideas for Elf on the Shelf and I know I will be sharing more of  our adventures with Ziggy in the next couple of weeks. I would love to hear about your own elf adventures and ideas!


Do you have an Elf on the Shelf? What is your favorite elf arrival idea?

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