DIY Christmas garland for under $20

Can you believe that Christmas is less than a month away? I am in major denial that this year is coming to an end, but Christmastime is one of the best times of the year. I absolutely love decorating our home for Christmas, it brings me instant joy. Last year we DIYed a wood mantle for our living room and I was bound and determined to decorate it for Christmas this year. I wanted Christmas garland so badly, but I couldn’t find any that I liked and I couldn’t find any garland under $40 bucks. I just couldn’t justify spending that much money on Christmas garland that I will only use for one month of the entire year. So, I do what I always do in this situation- I decided to make my own. Not only did I make it for under $20, I was able to coordinate my Christmas garland to match my Christmas tree and this makes me extremely happy. Here’s the how-to, it’s super simple!

1. Gather your supplies

I bought all of my supplies from Hobby Lobby. The plain jane Pine garland was $10, but I got it for $5 (I love the 50% deals at Hobby Lobby). The garland was 9 feet and I only need a little more than 5, so I bought this knowing I would have extra. Next, I bought two different boxes of small ornaments. I bought red and gold because those are the colors that I always decorate our tree with and I wanted it to match. These boxes were on sale for $3 each and I had more than I needed. I spent $1 on tons of ornament hooks in green to attach the ornaments to my garland. I decided I wanted a little more decoration and bought 4 little pinecone clusters to add, which totaled $2. This was all I really needed to make my simple garland, but my husband and I love soft lights and I decided to buy some fairy lights, which I was able to get for $6. I went with fairy lights versus pre-lit garland because I didn’t want to worry about cords hanging from the mantle. The fairy lights are a simple on/off switch operated by AA batteries. Totally worth it to me.

2. Fluff garland and attach decor

Fluff the garland like you would a Christmas tree. It helps to lay it flat and fluff around the area that will lay on the mantle. You want a flat bottom to lay on your mantle. After, the garland is fluffed to your liking, attach the pinecones and the ornaments with the hooks like you would on a Christmas tree. I just eyeballed this and adjusted the decor to my liking. I used hot glue for one pinecone decoration because I broke it from its stem and it attached just fine. After this, I tried to intertwine the fairy lights, but found that it was pretty pointless until I had the garland situated on the mantle.



3. Display your masterpiece

This is what I thought would be the easy part, but I was so wrong. My mantle was not as wide as I thought and it took a little work to get the garland to sit just right with the rather large, festive wall plaque that I bought from Kirkland’s (on sale) for the mantle. We were able to make it work after a little fidgeting. You may have to readjust the fluff on this step depending on your other decor. This is when I would add any lighting (completely optional). Just intertwine the lights and tuck the battery box with the on/off switch behind the garland and wah-lah! All done, beautiful Christmas garland made right at home for less than half the price in the store.

I love doing these little projects and take pride in being able to say that I made something myself. Not only did I get it done for much cheaper, I was able to decorate it to suit my style. I also had Lillian and my sister help which made this project even more fun. It is completely original and unique and we made great memories working on it together. There’s nothing quite like decorating for Christmas with your family. Skip the premade, pricey garland, grab some supplies and the ones you love most (and maybe a festive alcoholic beverage) and create unique garland that you’ll love! Happy Christmas garland making!

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