The best terrible thing that ever happened to me: Part 1

I will never forget that moment… “Yes, Mrs. Powell, I think you are right. There is definitely two tiny babies on the ultrasound.” I was beyond shocked to learn that I was pregnant with twins! The ultrasound was a complete surprise to me that day so unfortunately Jon wasn’t with me, but since they had extra time at the office, we went ahead with it. I sent the ultrasound picture to Jon and he was over the moon. From the very first second, he was more than ready to take on the “twin life”. We learned that we had Monochorionic-Diamniotic (“MoDi”) twins at our specialist appointment around 12 weeks. This meant our little ones each had their own amniotic sac, but shared the placenta. We were having identical twins! Everything looked great at that ultrasound, which was so reassuring given all of the scary risks of a multiple pregnancy.

14 weeks with my twins (photo cred to my bonus son)

At 15 weeks, I experienced a major bleed which sent us to the Emergency Room and ultimately ended up in a weekend hospital stay. It just so happened that my graduation from MUSC was also that weekend. I missed graduation, but was sent home the next day under close observation. I had had a subchorionic hemorrhage that was rather large and I was put on modified bed rest. As a side note, these are not uncommon in early pregnancy and most resolve on their own with no issues. I had to be monitored twice a week to measure the bleed. My bleed was stable, but not resolving. Finally, after three weeks we got great news that the bleed had started to resolve and I was lifted from modified bed rest to light activity. We were so very happy to hear this after weeks of being terrified that something bad was going to happen.

A week after the great news, I woke in the middle of night to large amounts of fluid loss. Terrified and only 19 weeks

17 weeks 2 days with my twin boys

along, I phoned in and was told to get an appointment first thing in the morning. I was able to see my OB who sent me to my specialist, who confirmed what I knew to be true. The bleed had caused the water on Baby A to break. Both of our baby boys were still healthy and had strong beating hearts on our ultrasound that day.  Jon and I were given a very poor prognosis for both of our baby boys. We were informed of all the scary risks and that we had a greater chance of maternal and fetal complications than we did survival for our twins. Even if we were able to prevent labor for a few more weeks for a higher chance of survival by medical intervention, we would be faced with severe medical issues. We were terrified and devastated. Ultimately, we could decide to induce and essentially terminate the pregnancy (there was a zero percent chance of survival at this gestational age), or we could go home and wait. Chances were that I would go into labor within the next week, but there was a small chance I might not. We decided to go home and wait for now, with another ultrasound in two days. We were informed that I was to take my temperature three times a day and to report back to the hospital with any temperature over 99.1 degrees Fahrenheit. If I experienced any labor symptoms, I was to report back to the labor and delivery ward.

My next ultrasound was that Friday and again we saw two strong, beating hearts… two healthy, growing boys. Jon and I knew we could not make the decision to go forward with the induction, so we went home praying and hopeful that we could just hold on for 3 more weeks, when we could get medical intervention for a better chance of survival. Unfortunately, I went into labor that same afternoon.

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